Bubba Gump!!

I didn’t know there was a Bubba Gump restaurant in Miami!! It’s really nice and the food was so good! If someone wants to go in Miami, I really suggest to go there! Anyway, my body is still burning but I’m not the only one, my friends too.. 🙂 But this means that tomorrow I think I’ll skip the beach again 😦

20120813-065927 p..jpg

20120813-065936 p..jpg

20120813-065945 p..jpg

20120813-065953 p..jpg


Miami Beach!!

We are finally here, lot of changes during the day (starting from the cars, I’ll tell you asap)..For now, just share few pictures when I was on the plane!

20120811-103704 p..jpg

20120811-103622 p..jpg

-1 !

Ok, ready to go..I’m going to sleep early tonight because tomorrow morning I’ve to wake up at 3.30am, prepare last stuffs and go to my friend house, ready to go to the airport!

All the things are already into my luggage (I hope so), something doesn’t go as I wanted (my credit card seems to have some problems so, I had to take also another one from my sister and try it 😦 ) but, doesn’t matter!

I’m going to Miami!

Not sure I’ll have the possibility to update the blog during my time there..In any case, see you on August, 27!!


Challange Accepted: 5/6 hours in NYC

– 6 days to my vacation! Miami we’re coming!!

Yesterday we went to define last details and I had “good” surprise.

First of all we tried to rent two cars, we want something special so we tried to find a Mustang Converible and a Charger but they are not sure, we have to wait 48 hours to see if they are available or not.

But the best is not this news..The best thing is about the flight I’ll have to go back in Italy. I bought the flight tickets just a few days later than my friends so, when the airlines company made some changes of the time, flights and so on, they modified all the tickets of my friends but not mine 🙂

So, next August 25, I’ll have the flight from Miami 5 hours before than my friends and, thing more important, I’ll fly to NY Newark airport and I need to move to the JFK airport to take the flight for Italy!! I heard that if I take the AirBus I need 90 minutes and for this reason my idea to go in a really fast walk in Manatthan failed already before the start. I’ll maybe see NYC just from the AirBus. I don’t wanna take a cab because is too expensive and do all by transportation could be difficult with baggages and just 5 hours for moving.

I’m not scared to do that and I see it like an adventure inside anorher adventure. I’m also happy to be alone because it’s a kind of challange (small challange I know) but I like it..Said that, I’ll have to do all the things in the right way 😀 We’ll see!!

If someone knows how to do that or have some suggestions for me, please comment this post! 🙂

I’m back!!

I’m finally back from this weekend! Huuuuge weekend in Austria and Germany.

Big meeting and party last Friday for my company, to be short:  a lot of interesting informations and..a lot of fun!!

Saturday we came back from Kitzbuhel and a few colleagues and me, decided to stay one night more in Munich also because I had not seen it before so..It was a great opportunity.

I’ll show you some pictures from Munich as soon as possible, for now I just put one picture from the park 🙂


Finally! Today I finally decided where I’ll go next Summer! The way has not been easy, I’ve changed my mind a thousand times but finally I’ve followed the easy one, I’ll go with some friends..

In this months I changed from:

Toronto – Brasil – Taiwan – Honolulu – Mexico – Las Vegas – Kenya – Scotland…….

But the final decision is…..MIAMI!!

Waiting for the next year where for sure (I hope so) I’ll go to Japan..

I’m ready!!! August 2012  😀

Vacation, vacation, vacation..

Summer is coming, new contact arrived last week like they told me (Yippyyy) and I can have a serious look on my next vacation. A new Destination appeared on my list..Chicago! Why? There is a friend who moved there a few years ago for finish studies and he started to work there. Many times he told me to go there and visit him but for many reason I couldn’t go there. But this time could be the right time to bring this opportunity! Chicago is famous, it’s big, it’s a nice place to take good photographies (I hope so), many stories have been placed in Chicago (and also many movie serious I usually watched)..Michigan Lake is close to it and nightlife is good..It’s the city of my favourite team when I was young (MJ rules, I had also the shoes of Denis Rodmann 😀 )..It can be the cheapest of my previous list of possible destination and this is nice for my plans of the VACATION in Japan of 2013 so…I need just to talk with my friend there and think about it..

If someone has been there and he/she thinks that there is something I’ve to know, tell me 😀