Long week…

Hi all my readers,

sorry for this last days without posts but it has been a long busy week..A lot of things to do, almost all the night spent with friends, a lot of work and days spent planning my next holiday.

I’ve already seen many places (I’m lucky I know) but now my plan is to visit all the continent.

North America, Europe, Oceania DONE.

I need to go somewhere in Africa, South America and Asia..

What’s the plan? Africa first in fact I’m planning to go there next summer. I’m not sure where..Safari was my first idea but it’s really expensive and I’m not sure it’s the best choice at the moment so, I’m switching to go to Zanzibar!! It should be nice for a summer vacation! In a few weeks I’ll take a decision and let’s see..

After that, for next years, I’ll see if I’ll have the possiility to go to Japan (Asia destination) and in Brasil (South America).

Arctic and Antarctic are difficult, nobody will come with me 😀 Maybe in the future I’ll have the possibility to go there aloooooone! 🙂

Back from Sydney!

I’m back!! Really tired, the fight was so long especially from Singapore to London..I also got a stupid cold and for this reason I’m still sick a little bit.

But anyway, the week was GREAT! I’ll tell you as soon as possible how it was and all the activities we did there!


Vacation 2012 – Miami & Florida

Here we go! As I promised, here the pictures of my last vacation in Miami! To be more precise, I can say that many of thes pictures are from other places: Orlando, Daytona, Everglades, Key West..As you already know (maybe), most of them are pictures about cars or animals (my favourites)!

A picture from New York

As I said before leaving for my vacations, the flight company gave me a good news regarding the last day I had to spend in USA. In fact, not like my friends, I had to fly from Miami Airport to Newark Airport, take my luggages and move to JFK by myself.

I wanted to do it without TAXI or with Airlink Shuttle so, I decided to move by public trasportations. I was not too hard and I had all the time I needed (just I didn’t know)..

So, 4 trains: airport to first station than to Manatthan..From here to Jamaica Station and finally to JFK.

When I arrived to Manatthan, I go outside before starting to wait the next train and I had a look to NY. A lot of people!! Not too strange you say but for me they were too many 🙂 Too many for me that I had a big luggage, a bag and the camera..Too crowd to have a nice walk around, take pictures and be relaxed..So, I tried to ask also to a policeman what was the best way to go to JFK but he didn’t know (a quite disoriented also looking the map but doesn’t matter) so, just 5-10 minutes and I go back to the Station, waiting the train and finally to JFK!

This is a fast preview of NY, or better, what I saw of NY! Next time I’ll have more time, I promise! 😀


Hey guys! I’m finally back..I arrived yesterday morning in Italy after almost a day walking around..

Fortunatly I didn’t get lost in NY and I could stay one hour more there if I knew before all the things. The problem was than when I was in NY, I walked a little in the first streets around Penn Station and I found a policeman. I tried to ask him a few questions, just to be sure what I had to do and he made a strange face when I shown him also a little map..I didn’t know what I had to do to go in Jamaica Station and that made me a little worried..I had time but I didn’t want to run in case I found some problems so, I preferred to go directly at the station again and take the first train to Jamaica Station.

Just 4-5 pictures for saying to my friends, YES I WAS IN NY 🙂

Anyway, good vacation! I’ll put some pictures of the vacation as soon as possible and I’ll start again with my daily posts.

Just a few days to charge my internal batteries and start again with normal life! 😀

Bubba Gump!!

I didn’t know there was a Bubba Gump restaurant in Miami!! It’s really nice and the food was so good! If someone wants to go in Miami, I really suggest to go there! Anyway, my body is still burning but I’m not the only one, my friends too.. 🙂 But this means that tomorrow I think I’ll skip the beach again 😦

20120813-065927 p..jpg

20120813-065936 p..jpg

20120813-065945 p..jpg

20120813-065953 p..jpg

-1 !

Ok, ready to go..I’m going to sleep early tonight because tomorrow morning I’ve to wake up at 3.30am, prepare last stuffs and go to my friend house, ready to go to the airport!

All the things are already into my luggage (I hope so), something doesn’t go as I wanted (my credit card seems to have some problems so, I had to take also another one from my sister and try it 😦 ) but, doesn’t matter!

I’m going to Miami!

Not sure I’ll have the possibility to update the blog during my time there..In any case, see you on August, 27!!