A nice weekend..

Last weekend I decided to go to the park with all the animals, a kind of zoo..It was a long time from the last time there..I love to see animals also if sometimes I would prefer to see all of them free in their natural places.

DSC_3561 DSC_3606 DSC_3628 DSC_3645 DSC_3682 DSC_3693



Hey guys! I’m finally back..I arrived yesterday morning in Italy after almost a day walking around..

Fortunatly I didn’t get lost in NY and I could stay one hour more there if I knew before all the things. The problem was than when I was in NY, I walked a little in the first streets around Penn Station and I found a policeman. I tried to ask him a few questions, just to be sure what I had to do and he made a strange face when I shown him also a little map..I didn’t know what I had to do to go in Jamaica Station and that made me a little worried..I had time but I didn’t want to run in case I found some problems so, I preferred to go directly at the station again and take the first train to Jamaica Station.

Just 4-5 pictures for saying to my friends, YES I WAS IN NY 🙂

Anyway, good vacation! I’ll put some pictures of the vacation as soon as possible and I’ll start again with my daily posts.

Just a few days to charge my internal batteries and start again with normal life! 😀


Next Thursday, Italy – Germany!!

Good game against England, sorry guys but there was no match..We dominated all the time and it’s a good result..Now it’s really hard because Germany is the favourite I think..So, let’s go and try to play in the same way of today and if we’ll lose playing like this, it’s ok..We’ll go back and watch the final (against Spain should be..)


Long day..

Sorry guys but today no Daily content 🙂 I’m really tired because I spent all day to a RedBull event, FlugTag, and watching the European match Italy-Spain (1-1).

For who doesn’t know what FlugTag is, I’ll put some pictures as soon as possible! Stay tuned!!



This post is an explanation on a sentence we said, especially in a VW Golf Club 😀 If someone says he has a monkey, it means he has crazy ideas about something to buy..especially for his car..So, I’ve two monkeys!! 😀 Let me see next months if they will be still alive or I’ll kill them before! 😉