NBA Final

Oklahoma City Thunder – Miami Heat

Finally this is the final..OKC won the series against San Antonio with a 2-4 (San Antonio was on 2-0 after the first two matches)

Miami beat Celtics in Game 7. Celtics played a really good games, also in the East Conference Final Miami was on 2-0 but Celtics won the next three games..2-3 for Celtics on game 5. I’m so sad for my idol, Garnett :D, but I think that Lebron is the only one can bring a team to the final victory in this moment. If they don’t win the Final this year, it could be very difficult next season especially for the critics will arrive..In any cases, I hope in a special final with a lot of good moments!

NBA Updates

Upates from NBA Playoff 2012. In my opinion Spurs will win this year.

My prediction for each game is:

Grizzlies go against Spurs and than, they’ll lose.

Lakers win against Denver (poor Gallinari 😦 ) and they’ll go against OKC. This is a good game and I don’t know who can win there. Maybe Lakers.

Unfortunatly Chicago lost and now there is 76ers vs. Celtics. Meaningless to ask me who will win. Celtics of course! 😀

Pacers vs. Miami: miami is favourite but it’ll be not too much easy for them. And I’m also not sure they’ll go to the semifinals in regular games..


So, semifinals: SPURS – LAKERS ___ Celtics – Miami

Spurs will win and I hope not but Miami will beat Celtics. Too much easy to say the final will be SPURS – MIAMI but it should be this one. And Spurs will win! Duncan rules! 😀

Anyway, I repeat, pay attention to Pacers, they can be the surprise..

NBA Playoff 2012

Regular season is over. You know that for me Hockey season is finished last week after Canucks lost against Kings so, now I’ve just NBA. The only difference is that in NBA I don’t have just one team I like. I said a few weeks ago that my favourites are Celtics and Bulls but there are other teams I like for many different reason so, I hope playoff will be great and I’ll have fun to follow them!!