WoW – I am Murloc

I don’t know why but I found this song on YouTube. I remember when I played World of Warcraft and I listened it! Ahahaha, nice song and nice video! It’s a must for this kind of gamer!


2011, seen by Google

What has been 2011 for Google…I wanted to do something similar about this fantastic year for me but it’s hard because to make something nice, I need too many photos or videos that I’ve not about special memories in 2011 and if I use other images from web it’ll be nothing special for me..And if something is not special for who creates it, probably it’ll be nothing special for anyone will see it so..

Final Result: EF Yearbook 2011 – Vancouver!

Ok, this morning the competition of EF Yearbook closed and they announced the winner. It is EF Nice.

I’m a little bit sad for the result but I’m glad to read that they liked our video also with others good Yearbook. We are Runners-out and we won a little Voucher for iTunes, It’s better than nothing 😀

Anyway, I want to show you our video if you didn’t watch it yet. I hope that you’ll enjoy it! When we shot this one, we had fun! Best choice to make friends and enjoy your time everywhere!

Thank You for all of your VOTES! I appreciated!!