Dynamo – Magician Impossible

Hi all..Last week I watched for the first time this program on Discovery Channel. I like Magic tricks and every time I try to figure out how the magicians do their tricks, sometimes I say “ok, there is this thing but he’s pretty good to hide it”, sometimes I say “I don’t know how he does it but it’s nothing impressive” and sometimes, like last week, my mind can’t understand how to do that..I can say just a little thing, I didn’t see him in reality but just behind a screen…But it’s still amazing!

Watch the first Episode:

2011, seen by Google

What has been 2011 for Google…I wanted to do something similar about this fantastic year for me but it’s hard because to make something nice, I need too many photos or videos that I’ve not about special memories in 2011 and if I use other images from web it’ll be nothing special for me..And if something is not special for who creates it, probably it’ll be nothing special for anyone will see it so..