Ceili’s Irish Pub

670 Smithe Street
Vancouver V6B 1E

Really nice pub, I can say just this 😉 Yes because we went there the evening before that a friend left Vancouver to make his “ByeBye” party. I remember that it was a good irish pub, nice music (not too high volume) and yummy food and beers. It’s close to EF Vancouver, so, it is another pub easy to find and it is a perfect place to spend time with your friends. If you’ll go there, you have to take Nachos!! I love it!


A few pictures of that night!


Red Room On Richards
398 Richards Street, Vancouver, BC
Phone: 604-687-5007

This is one of the second nightclub that I went after the first bad experience (I’ll tell you in the next future about the first one). I’m not sure how I can say about RedRoom because I found many times latin music and, like I said previously, I don’t like too much that kind of music but in any case I spent a good time there with friends. Yes because the place is more bigger than others nightclubs in downtown (not too much), and you can stay also a little bit outside from the dance floor. There is also a pool table where you can play with friends and the prices of beers are not too expensive. Sometimes the music changes in better and Dance Music come out! That’s nice..Another good point of this place is the position because it is close to Waterfront Station so, for me that I lived in North Vancouver, it was at the confortable distance from SeaBus.


932 Granville Street
Vancouver, BC V6Z 1L2, Canada
(604) 331-7999

Nice place in the middle of Downtown, just in front of EF School. This nightclub is a little bit different from the others because many events that you can find here are Live Music. Generally the music here is more Rock than other places. I went there just one time for a Birthday party of one of the daughters of my hostmother (I can say Hostsister?? xD ).

Anyway, the place was nice but it’s different from my “idea” of nightclub and for that reason we didn’t pay too much attention to the music and we were looking for drinks 😀  The prices here are not chep like everywhere and if you try to ask to the bartender to be generous with your drink, he’ll answer: “Sorry, I can’t”. That’s boring!!

If you’re looking for something different from the classic nightclub and their music, this place is for you. I suggest you to look for the events that there will be here when you want to go there because sometime there is a big line up.

If you’ll go there I’m curious to hear also your opinion on this place so, go there and write here 😉  !

Tim Hortons

Address: everywhere!


Here we go! It’s its turn now! Everybody knows Starbucks (I’ll make a review in the future about it) but not all the people knows Tim Hortons! In Vancouver there are many places where you can take something for breakfast or just to stay with friends, talk and have fun. Starbucks is probably the most famous but for this reason is also the most expensive!

Onestly I can’t make a review about the differences between coffee because I don’t like it but I can tell you something about HotChocolate and food. For the first one I think that Starbucks is better, especially if you take the cream on the chocolat. Yummy!!

Instead Tim Hortons is the best for Donuts! Oh yes!! Every morning when I walked in front on his windows and I saw all of their donuts, I couldn’t resist..I had to buy a donut! My favourite was Honey Cruller! So sweet I know, especially if you take both, Donut and HotChocolat but …..uuuuuu…..Simply the best!!

Another good point of Tim Hortons is the prices, it is chep! I bought all for almost an half price than Starbucks HotChocolat. Like everything, Brand is all in these kind of places! If you ask to one of my friends what he loves in Vancouver, probably he’ll say Tim Hortons in his personal ranking!

Forum Sports Bar


1163 Granville Street, Vancouver BC  |  604-605-1163

When I made a review of Caprice I told you (I hope so) that the best night to go there was on Thursday…Now I’m going to talk a little bit about Forum, another nightclub and pub in Grandville St. It is a little bit more far from EF School than Caprice but I think that it’s like 5 minutes by walk. Anyway, the best day to go at the Forum was Tuesday, also here there are many special events during the week but everytime that someone asked where we could go on Tuesday night, the first answer was Forum. It is not only a nightclub like Caprice but it is a good place to see sports game (in Vancouver SPORT means HOCKEY) and there are many tables where you can sit and enjoy the game. For this reason, after 11pm, when Forum turns into a “nightclub” (music more high, lights,..), the space to dance is not big but there are many people that like it. When I went there I remember just that I didn’t dance but I drank too much beer and when I went out I was a little bit drunk! It was a funny story because I went out too late to take the last SkyTrain, Seabus and when I decided to find the NightBus (it was the first time that I took it) I got lost. Yes..I got lost because I was drunk because the Downtown’s map is really simple and it’s diffucult to lose the way. However the problem wasn’t only that, I usually use glasses but that night I put it on my T-Shirt collar and my brain didn’t work too much to remember that..I walked around the city without glasses and I had some problems to see the street’s names! Finally, around 2.30am I took a bus (with a big hope that it was the right bus) and probably I started to sleep a little bit on it. Final result: fortunatly I woke up just in time to figure out where I was and I arrived at home safely.

This is a biiiiiiiig story to say that Forum is nice, it wasn’t my favourite but it is a good place if you don’t know where you can spend your night time!

Caprice Nightclub + Lounge

Let go to talk about nightclubs. I want to start with the last that I found in Vancouver. Probably “FIND” is not the best verb because this is not a small nightclub or in a strange position but I went there just during the last month and this was a bad choice that I made because it is one of my favourites nightclubs.

It is in the best position, Grandville St. , just close to the EF School and for this reason it was really easy to meet all the people and go there. The place probably is not so big like a clubs in Europe (or better, in Italy the nightclubs are more bigger but many times they are not properly in the middle of Downtown).

If you have an invite the entry is free but if you don’t have it don’t worry! Try to go outside the nightclubs on Grandville St. before 10pm and probably you can find their PR that give you the tickets. Remember to bring with you your ID, sometimes it’s better that you have two piece of ID, it’s ok also a passport and a credit card with your name for example. Anyway, I love this place especially for the music because is similar to the music that you can find here in Italy and there is less latin music than others. For me latin music is not bad but I can’t dance it 😀 .

The only problem, but this is not only a Caprice’s problem, is the price of a drinks inside because I remember that it was not cheap. But like I said, this is a problem that you can find also in other nightclubs.

In every case, if you like a special kind of music, you can find a lot of special events during all the week with different kind of musics. Just check on their website. I can show you one of the videos that you can find on vimeo or youtube for example.

And now some pictures from my last day in Vancouver, I made a party there to say Goodbye to all my friends!

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Restaurant Guide – Steamworks


Steamworks is located at 375 Water Street accross from Waterfront Station at the foot of historical Gastown.
375 Water Street
Vancouver, BC
Ph : 604.689.2739
Reservations:: 604.689.2739
Fax:: 604.669.2329
Email:: info@steamworks.com

It’s a really nice restaurant and pub. It’s strange because it is really close to Waterfront but in the first month I had never been there. One day I followed a friend that asked me to go in this pub before he left Vancouver and big surprise: I love this place! The atmosphere is nice, not too much noise and the food is really good. I’ve never been there just for dinner or lunch but everytime I went at Steamworks with friends to drink a beer and eat their Nachos (I think that the Nachos are for share because they are really big and very good). You can also call to make a reservation but remember, in this place there are many people and for this reason it’s not so easy to find a space for big groups also if Steamworks is big (especially during the Canucks game).

This is the website for more information and to take a look on their menu. The place is not too much expensive but is good so, the prices is a little bit more than the other pubs (for foods). For example for a burger is almost $15.

I want to repeat my idea on this place: I LOVE IT!