Do you want to be a part of Tiësto’s new music video in Vancouver?

I want just shoe you what he said on his fanpage. If you’re in Vancouver and you’re his fan, this is a good opportunity to make something nice with your favourite DJ!

Hello Tiësto Fans!

We want to offer 300 of Tiësto’s biggest fans the opportunity to be a part of the climax of his new music video that will be shooting in Vancouver on October 29th!

Here is what we are looking for:

1. Male and female participants between 15 and 35 years of age
2. Looking for those with an understanding of basic dance and music count or those who just like to dance!
3. Looking for those with energetic personalities and excellent at taking instruction
4. Must be present for the entire day
5. Shoot will take place over 8 – 12 hours
6. Participants need to provide their own transport to and from venue (Vancouver area)
7. Snacks and beverages will be provided but participants  should bring their own lunch, or purchase lunch during the lunch break.
8. Need to wear your own clothing as if you were going out to a night club
– It’s important keep a sense of personal style
– Note: Please don’t show too much skin on your legs i.e. if girls are wearing shorts or skirts, they might need to      wear tights or fishnets, or at least have some with them as backup
– Aim for dark jeans/pants and white tee shirts with a black jacket or hoodie
– No brands or logos on top layer of clothing
– Back up outfit choices are recommended

If all of this sounds like you and you are a Tiësto fan, please email: with:

1. head and body shots
2. relevant dance, choreography, and modeling experience a plus but not required
3. If you are interested in being a “featured” extra i.e. for “close ups”

We are looking for real Tiësto fans with unique personalities and styles and looking for those who are not afraid to be themselves!

NOTE: If chosen, all participants will have to sign a release form as they enter the site (confidentiality and release of footage)

Further details of the shoot will be emailed to you upon approval of submission.


English Bay

I was looking my old posts and I’ve seen that I’ve mentioned English Bay sometimes but I’ve never talk about it. It is a beach close to Stanley Park just at the end of Davie Street. It is a nice beach where you can spend a nice time with friends when there is a sun, you can play beach soccer or just relax. It is not the best beach if you’re looking for a white sand or magic sea, it is a good beach especially because it is practically in Downtown.

A good and special thing that you can find here is the sunset because if you go here in the late afternoon you can see a magic lights and take very beautiful pictures. To explain all of this concepts, I can just show you pictures that I took there. I love English Bay!

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Let’s talking about my first trip when I was in Vancouver. I was the thirs week of May and we decided to go there after excluding other destinations (my friend Luna couldn’t go in Seattle because her VISA didn’t allow that and there was not a good weather for long trips like Rocky or Tofino).

So, we decided to go in Whistler but now I’m not sure that it was a good idea because it was not a good weather also for it. Pay attention if you want to go there, Whistler is beautiful during the summer in the sunny days or during cold season if you like skiing.

When I went there in a rainy day and I don’t like skiing 😀 Bad choice I know but nevertheless I saw many nice things! During the trip you have a possibility to see two waterfalls, a nice lake or a museum, a gold mine and obviously, Whistler.

For the waterfalls I can say that the first is nothing special (I can say it after seeing Rocky Mountains waterfalls) but is nice, the second one is more special because there is a trick on a strange visual effect on it. This waterfall (sorry but I don’t remember the name) is beside a dark rock wall. When you are in front of this waterfall, try to look the water for 30seconds without movements, take your eyes on it and stand still..After this time move fastly your eyes on the dark rock wall and you’ll see a nice view, the rocks start to move!! It was really nice!

During the trip we visited also the gold mine and it was interesting, they told us many stories on the mine, information about the miner job and they shown us many objects that they used there in the past. We tried to find a gold like a game just to figure out how they worked when a gold diggers were looking into the rivers.

Whistler is a small city, touristic and a little bit expensive. We ate really good just in front of the gondola, it was a place like a saloon. There is also a good place to eat an ice-cream into the city.

The trip was nice also if we found a bad weather and I have nice memories of that day.


EF School has many activities to propose you during your time in Vancouver. I did almost all the things. Now I’m going to tell you something about the trip that I had in Seattle.

There are many options that you can choose to visit Seattle depending on your preferences. Starting on How many days you want to spend there, you can choose 1-Day Trip or 2-Days trip. Secondly, if you’ll go in a Day trip, you can choose if you prefer to stay all the day at the Seattle Outlet or to visit also the city (this last option is the best for me). I have many friends that did two times this trip, the first time they went only to the oulet because the prices there are more cheap and the second time they went also to visit the city.

I went in Seattle with friends in June and I chose, agreed with all, to visit also the city because I’m not a shopper. This is a nice trip, not too expensive ($55 if I remember right) but there is a risk about your time that you can spend in the places and this is for one reason: the border. If you’re lucky, like us when we went there, you don’t find a big line up at the border and you can cross the line rapidly but sometimes you have to wait also 2 hours and for this reason you’ll lose time.

Anyway, it was not our problem and we had enough time also to look also a little bit the outlet before going to Seattle. For example I bought two coloured laces for my shoes (:D). Ok, I know, I’m not a woman and for this reason I don’t need too much time for shopping.

After the outlet we went to Seattle and there you can choose two options: visit the space needle or another place that I’ve forgotten the name, it’s a kind of museum. We chose the first one but you have to know that you don’t have too much time to go around the city and for this reason if you want to visit Seattle and walk around, skip these activities.

After a fast visit to the Seattle MArket where you can see the first Starbucks (it’s strange but I thought that it was different, it is really simple), we went to eat something for lunch. We lost one hour at the Hard Rock Café and we ate a lot (Nachos are fantastic). and after that we went at the Space Needle by Skytrain (it’s cool, you can see the city from a different point of view, it go through the city over the streets.

I’ve to tell you that the Space Needle is nice but if you’ve been at Vancouver Lookout probably the view will be nothing special. Or better, for me it was like this. I took many pictures but in comparison to Vancouver they are monotonous (in Vancouver there are more nature).

After this activity, it was a time to come back to our bus, we had just a little time that I spent to find a shop where I found a bad price on one thing that I wanted to buy and I moved on.

At the end of this visit, we went back to the outlet to pick up the people that spent all the day there and finally we crossed again the border and we arrived in Vancouver at 8pm.

Nice trip, not too expensive but I didn’t like Seattle too much, probably because I didn’t have enough time to enjoy the city. If you’ll choose a 2-days trip, you’ll spend the first day at the outlet, the night and the next day in Seattle, probably it is the best choice if you want to see the nightlife there but the price of the trip grow up to $150 (also for this price, check with EF because I’m not sure).

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Chinese Garden

Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden
578 Carrall Street
Vancouver, British Columbia
V6B 5K2 Canada
Main line: (604) 662 3207
Fax line: (604) 682 4008

When we was looking the Vancouver guide the first weeks that we were there, we saw this garden and at the first occasion we went there. Unfortunatly the first time there was a bad weather (like all of the last May) and we didn’t enjoy too much that place with all his beautiful colors and nature.

The garden has divided in two parts: one is free and the other one is not.

In the second part we have never entered because we were not sure that it was worth it and because the free part was so nice and enough for us. The cost to enter into the second part of the garden is less than $20 (I don’t remember the exact cost but it was around $15) and you have a special guide that show you each part and offer you a tea. Next time that I’ll go in Vancouver probably I’ll go into this part, just because I’m curious to see it. If someone knows how is it, tell me please.

Let me talk about the free part of the garden because I went there three times in three months to show to our new friends this special part and take very nice pictures. I recommend to go there especially if you have friends that like photography or if you have female friends that want a picture like a model 😀 (I have two of them). I think that more than words, I can explain what is it with the pictures. I’ll show you pictures for the first and the last time that I went there so with rain and with sun. The last thing that I want to tell you is that there is also a nice square just outside with all the Chinese Zodiac Signs.

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MOA – Museum of Anthropology

6393 N.W. Marine Drive, Vancouver, B.C. V6T 1Z2
Museum & Shop Hours
Winter (mid-October to mid-May)
Mondays CLOSED
Tuesdays 10AM – 9PM
Wednesdays 10AM – 5PM
Thursdays 10AM – 5PM
Fridays 10AM – 5PM
Saturdays 10AM – 5PM
Sundays 10AM – 5PM
Spring/Summer (mid-May to mid-October)
Daily 10AM – 5PM
Tuesdays 10AM – 9PM
Admission Rates
Adults $14.00 plus tax
Students & Seniors (65+) $12.00 plus tax

This Museum is in the UBC (University of British Columbia) and it is world-renowned for its collections, research, teaching, public programs, and community connections. It is also acclaimed for its spectacular architecture and unique setting on the cliffs of Point Grey.

To be honest, when I went there with friends, I didn’t have many interest to see the Museum but after that visit I think that MOA is a good place to visit and you can find many things to see also if the Anthropology is not your best passion.

In this museum you can see many things of old tribes, clothes that they used in the past, objects from different parts of the world divided in geographical zones. It is interesting especially for the big sculptures that you can find there, many totems and little objects that they created following the shapes of the nature. There are many computer station where you can search into their database the story about an object that you saw or just to find information about a name that you read before. It’s cool.

The Museum is not only nice for the things that you can find inside but it is really nice also outside. A beautiful architecture helps you to explore this place and discover many things about the story of Vancover. There is also the possibility to have a guide and the price is almost $60 (it’s good especially for big groups).

I can show you some pictures that I took there:

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Greater Vancouver Zoo

We wanted to go there. We had to go there. We went there.

This was the idea that we had in the middle of June when we tried to organize the daily trip to the zoo before that some friends left Vancouver. The problem when you want to go there is how you can go there because the Zoo is out from the city and there aren’t transportation that go there. This problem is big if you think that all of us, and probably also you if you’ll go there like a tourist, moved around Vancouver only with transportation.

There was only one choice: RENT a car. Renting a car wasn’t a big problem because I could drive and the price wasn’t so high but we were many people and we had to rent a car for 7 people. Ita was the first time that I drove a car for more than 5 people and at the start I was a little bit scared (drive a big car in a different country) but it was good and theree wasn’t problem (really easy and the car was really similar to a normal car, not like in Tofino one month later).

Anyway, we went there on Saturday and the weather wasn’t too much good, it starts to rain a little bit but fortunatly after one hour it stops and it was only a cloudy day. There were a lot of animals and for me it was really interesting. We couldn’t see just two or three lazy animals because they probably were sleeping or whatelse (like a wolves for example).

More information about the zoo are on their website:

I suggest you to go there if you like animals, we really enjoyied that day!

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Parks – Capilano Suspension Bridge

3735 Capilano Road
North Vancouver, British Columbia
Canada, V7R 4J1
Phone: 604.985.7474
Toll Free: 1.877.985.7474
Fax: 604.985.7479

Let’s go! This is the thing that we thought during the third weekend of last May. The weather wasn’t good like all that month but it was the last weekend for our friends and we decided to go there.

In my opinion this park is really nice and you’ve to go there, especially during the sunny days because there are many beautiful views and many attractions and events but..There is one “BUT”.

BUT this park is not cheaper because for an adult the price is around $30 and when we went there it was a little surprise. The second surprise was a little thing that probably I didn’t understand when some people suggested me to go there. I thought that this park have a lot of Suspension bridge but finally there is just one real Suspension Bridge. The other Bridges are a little bit different, is not the same of the first big one. There are a lot of bridges that take you on the treetops and it’s cool but is not the same.

In any case, we were unlucky not only for the weather but also because after a 2 weeks that we went there, th park unveiled a new attraction: the CLIFFWALK and I think that it is really nice. Next time that I’ll go in Vancouver I’ll try again to go in this park 😉

There are many events and inside the park you can find also animals like eagle and there is everytime someone that tell yu something about these animals.

At the end of the park there is a big store where you can find a lot of souvenirs or nice things but I recommend you one thing, DON’T TRY the chocolate there. I don’t remember which one I tried but it was nauseating. Too much sugar, too sweet!!

If you want to eat near the park, there is a really good place that I’m going to describe in the next post.


Parks – Queen Elizabeth Park

Cambie Street at West 33rd Avenue
(4600 Cambie St) 

This park is so nice. Is not too far from downtown and is nice if you want to spend a nice afternoon with friends or with your girlfriend/boyfriend.  There are many events in this park or close to it and many activities inside. For example when I was there there were many people that were training a theatre show (I think) or there were many people that ran togheter and made exercises.

There is a good view on the city on the top of the hill and there is a nice fountain and a small shop of souvenir. You can take nice shots with your camera. If you want to have more information, try to go on this site:

These are pictures that my friends took when we went there (I forgot my camera that day :p ), thank you Anna!

Parks – Stanley Park

When I was thinking about which park could be the first one in this my new section, I had just one name that was going around my brain, that’s STANLEY PARK.

If you’re in Vancouver, You hear this park for sure because is probably the most important and the closest to the city. It’s so big so, you have many choice if you want to spend your time there. You can just walk around the park with all his views (city, ocean, bays, beaches…), you can go to the acquarium (I’ll talk about this one in another post), you can just relax and enjoy the nature. I think that I didn’t see all the park, for that reason I put a picture (taken from Wikipedia) with all the main parts of the park.  I want to show you some pictures of Stanley Park:

 A view of the park from English Bay.

 Downtown seen from Stanley Park.

 A big tree where you can take a nice picture with friends.

 Monuments during the Canucks games.

 View of the bridge to North Vancouver.

If you want more detailed information you can go directly to Wikipedia (history, attractions, animals, monuments,…) at this link Stanley Park . Stanley Park is important also beacause if you want to go in North Vancouver withou SeaBus, you have to take one of the two bridges from Downtown and one of them through the middle of the park.

Go to Stanley Park is easy, there is a bus from downtown that go directly there (close to the acquarium) or you can go from the other sides, like English Bay. Anyway, if you want to find some information about which bus is more easy for you, try to search the number and the bus stop on the site of Translink .