Shogun – Skyfire

Ok, I’ve lost the control in this last days, I got a stupid cold and I’m still “fighting”..tonight I’ll try to cure myself with…a beer! 😀

Anyway, before going out, just listening music..This time is the time for:

Heymoonshaker – London

That’s something new. I don’t know why but today I was looking for some dubstep music and watching some music video on YouTube. After a few songs, I found this short film following Heymoonshaker A.K.A Andy BaLcon and Dave Crowe in London. Great Dubstep and BeatBox, he doesn’t need an iPod anymore! 😀

Nothing at All

In this last days, especially when I was on the bus going back from Austria listening the music I’ve a song in my mind…Especially the lyrics…I don’t know why…It makes me a little sad but I really like the sound and the words…

I’ve to say sorry for who listen Metal, next time will be also a time for lyrics of a metal song (my two favourite genres..Really differente like you can see…)

This morning comes a step too soon
A lonely gaze, an empty room
You’re a far cry, a distant memory
But something inside of me always knew this:
I’d be standing here without you

As if nothing’s happened
As if nothing’s wrong
The world seems to move on
The world carries on

I’ll starve for your love
Hungry I fall
As if nothing’s happened
Nothing at all

Nothing at all
Nothing at all