Fast & Furious 6 – Trailer

Movie Review #9: Ted

Directed/Story by Seth MacFarlane

Produce by Scott Stuber – Seth MacFarlane – John Jacobs – Jason Clark

Music by Walter Murphy

Studio Media Rights Capital – Fuzzy Door Productions – Bluegrass Films – Smart Entertainment

Distributed by Universal Pictures

 Release Date June 29, 2012

 Running time 106 minutes

 Country United States

Budget US $50–$65 million

Box Office $451,316,145


PLOT from Wikipedia

“In 1985, in a suburb south of Boston, John Bennett (Bretton Manley) is a lonely kid who dearly wishes for his new Christmas gift, a large teddy bear he names Teddy (“Ted”), to come to life to be his best friend. The wish succeeds with a falling star one night, and Ted (Zane Cowans) becomes fully alive. In 2012, John (Mark Wahlberg) and Ted (voiced and motion captured by Seth MacFarlane), now living in the South End neighborhood of Boston, are still staunch, if immature, friends enjoying a hedonistic life, even while John is pursuing a 4-year-long relationship with a level-headed office worker named Lori Collins (Mila Kunis). Lori hopes to marry John, but she feels that he can’t move ahead with his life with Ted around, who’s now a dirty, vulgar, obnoxious wastrel. John is resistant to kicking Ted out, but he is finally persuaded that night to act when he and Lori discover Ted at home with four prostitutes, one of whom hasdefecated on the floor during a game of Truth or Dare.”

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That’s funny…Yes, funny at all!! Ahah!I decided to go to the movie theatre after the trailer and I brought with me also my friends who didn’t really know this movie..And we have fun to see this little teddy bear making all bad stuffs like a man! Oh yes! When I was young I had some stuffed animals (a rhyno and a racoon in particular) and for sure I wanted to give them life if it was possible!

If you want to see a good movie without pretending to watch the best movie in the world, if you like comedy or cliché I suggest to you to watch this movie. Easy and funny..

Rating:  |*||*||*||*||*||*||*||*|| || |  8/10

Movie Review #8: Snow White and the Huntsman

Directed/Story by Rupert Sanders

Produce by Sam Mercer – Palak Patel – Joe Roth

Music by James Newton Howard

Studio Roth Films

Distributed by Universal Pictures

 Release Date May 30, 2012

 Running time 127 minutes

 Country United States

Budget US$ 170million

Box Office $385,848,580

PLOT from Wikipedia

“Snow White is the princess of Tabor, daughter of King Magnus and Queen Eleanor. After his wife’s death, King Magnus marries the beautiful Ravenna after rescuing her from the Dark Army, an invading force of glass soldiers. Ravenna — who is in fact a powerful sorceress and the Dark Army’s master — kills Magnus on their wedding night after noting that men like him exploit the beauty of women and discard them. As Ravenna seizes control of the kingdom, Duke Hammond escapes the Castle with his son William, but is unable to rescue Snow White who is captured by Ravenna’s brother Finn. Snow White is then locked away in a tower of the Castle.”

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Nice movie especially because the plot is different from the original. Good idea to change the point of view of the story, move Snow White from the main character and add others like the Huntsman beside her.

The dark setting help the movie to change the fairy tail in a good movie from all the people (maybe it’s not a movie for childs now 😀 ). Good special effects especially in the dark forest.

Just a few things could be better. Sometimes they accelerate too much the things (sometimes is not a bad thing but..) and some parts are too absurd (ok, the word absurd in this movies sounds strange), for example during the last battle where people turn into the best warrior in few days or something like that.

Anyway, good movie for who is looking for a easy movie.

SPECIAL MENTION fot the girls: Kristen Stewart, Charlize Theron are really nice. Charlize is awesome 🙂

Rating:  |*||*||*||*||*||*||*|| || || |  7/10

Movie Review #7: The Avengers

Directed/Story by Joss Whedon

Produce by Kevin Feige

Music by Alan Silvestri

Studio Marvel Studios

Distributed by Walt Disney Pictures

 Release Date April 11, 2012

 Running time 143 minutes

 Country United States

Budget US$ 220million

Box Office …

PLOT from Wikipedia

“Nick Fury (Samuel L Jackson), director of the espionage agency S.H.I.E.L.D., arrives at a remote research facility during an evacuation. TheTesseract, an energy source of unknown potential, has activated and opened a portal through space, from which the exiled Norse god Loki(Tom Hiddleston) steps through. Loki takes the Tesseract, and uses his abilities to control the minds of several S.H.I.E.L.D. personnel including agent Clint Barton (Jeremy Renner), and physicist consultant Dr. Erik Selvig (Stellan Skarsgard) in order to aid in his getaway.

In response to the attack, Fury reactivates the Avengers Initiative. Agent Natasha Romanoff (Scarlett Johannson) is sent to India to recruitDr. Bruce Banner (Mark Ruffalo), while Agent Philip Coulson (Clark Gregg), approaches Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) and requests that he reviews Dr. Selvig’s research. Fury himself approaches Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) with an assignment to retrieve the Tesseract from Loki. During his exile, Loki encountered the Chitauri, an alien race seeking to conquer the galaxy with the Tesseract. In exchange for the Tesseract, the Chitauri agree to help Loki subjugate Earth.”

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After a few months without a movie review, I’m back with this movie. I had to watch it in a movie theatre, there were no options on this! In fact yesterday I prevailed upon my friends to go and it was cool!! I love this kind of movies because my love for comics but believe me, it’s a really nice movie relating to last movies I saw last months on the same topic..

To be clear I can say that I watch all the movies on each Avengers and the only one I liked a lot was Ironman. Captain America (like a said in my previous review) was nothing special, Thor was not bad but I can’t put it into my list if I’ve to choose a movie on superheroes. I like Hulk as a character but they did different movies on him and no one was as goos as him so..Anyway, you could see this things also in the movie in fact each character had a specific role and relevance depending on the success of their movies.

If you like this kind of movies, I suggest to you to go and watch it but I suggest more to watch previously, movies of each character also if they are not best movies. It’s usefull to know a little background (if you’re not a comics addicted and you know all about them but in this case I don’t think you missed movies about each Avenger).

My final vote is 8.5/10 but maybe it’s a little bit too less for this movie (10/10 for me is the top and just a few movies can deserve it)

Rating:   |*||*||*||*||*||*||*||*||.5|| |  8.5/10

Movie Review #6: Real Steel

Directed/Story by Shawn Levy

Produce by Shawn Levy – Susan Montford – Don Murphy

Music by Danny Elfman

Studio DreamWorks Pictures – Reliance Entertainment – 21 Laps Entertainment

Distributed by Touchstone Pictures

 Release Date October 7, 2011

 Running time 127 minutes

 Country United States

Budget US$ 110million

Box Office $292,257,545

PLOT from Wikipedia

“In 2020, humans have been replaced by robots in boxing. Charlie Kenton (Hugh Jackman) is a former boxer who owns such a robot, Ambush, competing in unsanctioned matches and in exhibitions with it. At a rural fair, Ambush is destroyed by Black Thunder, a bull belonging to promoter Ricky (Kevin Durand). Having made a bet that Ambush would win, Charlie now owes Ricky $20,000, which he doesn’t pay before leaving.

Charlie is informed his ex-girlfriend has died, and that he must attend a hearing to decide the fate of his preteen son Max (Dakota Goyo). Max’s wealthy aunt Debra (Hope Davis) and uncle Marvin (James Rebhorn) want full custody, which Charlie gives them in exchange for $100,000, half in advance, on the condition that Charlie take care of Max for three months while the couple are away on a second honeymoon.”

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I watched this movie just the last week that it was on screen in a movie theatres in Italy at the end of December. I saw the trailer the first time in Vancouver, I think in May and I wanted to watch it immediatly because it is the classic movie that I like to watch. Yes because there are all the ingredients to have fun (future,robots,hi-tech, fight). It’s not my favourite genre because I love horror more than action movies but doesn’t matter, in this last period it’s hard to find a good horror movie and for this reason I prefer to go watching a good action movie.

This movie has a good plot but it is not a masterpiece. Probably it’s a little bit predictable but at least there is not a classic love story..There is more a connection between father and son. You can appreciate the technology and special effects and, if you think like me, you’ll start to desire a big robot to make a big match with your friends! If you like this kind of movies, I suggest you to go watching this movie, it’s different from other movies in this period and for this reason I can give him for star in my little review.

Rating:   |*||*||*||*||*||*||*||*|| || |  8/10

Movie Review #5: Transformers: Dark of the Moon

Directed/Story by Michael Bay

Produce by Don Murphy – Tom DeSanto – Lorenzo di Bonaventura – Ian Bryce

Music by Steve Jablonsky

Studio Di Bonaventura Pictures

Distributed by Paramount Pictures

 Release Date June 23, 2011

 Running time 154 minutes

 Country United States

Budget US$ 195million

Box Office $1,123,196,189

PLOT from Wikipedia

“In 1961, the Ark, a Cybertronian spacecraft carrying an invention capable of ending the war between the philanthropic Autobots and the malevolent Decepticons, crash lands on the dark side of Earth’s Moon. The crash is detected on Earth by NASA, and President John F. Kennedy authorizes a mission to put a man on the Moon as a cover for investigating the craft. In 1969, the crew of Apollo 11 lands on the Moon.

In the present, the Autobots assist the United States military in preventing conflicts around the globe. During a mission to Chernobyl, to investigate suspected alien technology, Optimus Prime – the valiant leader of the Autobots – finds a fuel cell from the Ark, discovering it had survived its journey from Cybertron. The Autobots are attacked by Shockwave, who manages to escape. After learning of the top-secret mission to the Moon, the Autobots travel there to explore the Ark. They discover a comatose Sentinel Prime – Optimus’ predecessor as leader of the Autobots – and the Pillars he created as a means of establishing a Space Bridge between two points to teleport matter. After returning to Earth, Optimus uses the energy of his Matrix of Leadership to revive Sentinel Prime.”

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When I was in Vancouver I tried to go at the movie theatre when this movie was on screen but, at the end, I couldn’t go and I went back in Italy without watching it. Finally last weekend, my firends and me rented the DVD and I watched this movie with many expectations because I loved the first two movies of this saga.

First of all the movie is long and it’s better if you don’t have too many plans after watching it. But the problem is not the time but the “speed”. In my opinion the movie is slow..In the first hour, hour and an half, there is no action and also if you like the genre, I don’t think that this movie is one of the movie where thay may not use action for a long time. If you remember the first two m0vies, there were something also in the first part of them..

This is the only thing that I can say against the movie. The second part is great (that is when the action is coming) and you can enjoy the movie like the first two. The casting is ok also if I missed Megan Fox! Not because Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is not a good and beautiful actress but when you endear to someone like a character, is not easy to see another one in the same role.

So, my final vote is:

Rating:   |*||*||*||*||*||*||*||*|| || |  8/10 (it could be more if it was not too slow in the first part)