Comics: Psychic Detective Yakumo

 Introduction: I’m waiting this coming from last February!!

I don’t know why but the italian publishing house, had some delays in the first months and postponed it. In June in Italy there was also a big earthquake and the companies that have the offices there were a lot of problems like you can imagine. So, now fortunatly all this bad stuffs are going well and last week finally it was out!

I bought it and of course, I really wanted to read it after all this months! And I’ve to say…it’s really nice! It’s different from the last comics I started because it’s not a “comedy” but it’s more serious. I like the drawing and it remember me one of my favourite, Death Note. The background is “dark” and this is another thing I like. Phantoms could be really strange in a story because every time there is an high risk to be too common. It’s just the first comic book so, it’s still early to say something but in this moment I can say: OOOOOK! 😉 Now I’ve to wait two months for the second one!

Comics: Kaitai Shinsho Zero

 Kaitai Shinsho Zero is one of the comics I found in the comic book store casually. I was not looking for a new comic because I had to buy other things last day but when I read something like Gothic, Demons, Occult,.. I can”t resist and I buy it.. I started to read yesterday (it’s not a long comic and it is a serie in 8 volumes total) and I’ve not finished yet but in this first pages I think it’s a comic like Inuyasha (for who knows it). Nothing too special but it’s ok.

Maybe I’ll be able to say something more in the next months when I’ll but next numbers. So, If you’re interested or if you have something to say on it, just tell me 😀

Comics: Another

I think that going to the comicbook store frequently like in this last period is not the best choice for my savings money. Every time I found a new Manga and my brain starts to work..Buy or not buy!? At the end, 9 case on 10, I buy them..

And this last manga was an example of this situation. I went to the shop just to buy the second volume of Angeloid and of Amnesiac Kid and I was looking for a new comic (I don’t say the name of this one because I’m looking for it from a long time but they are continuosly skip the release date and now I’m not sure that I’ll find it..If I will, I’ll tell you here..). Anyway, I found this new Manga, I read rapidly the summary and I liked it because it’s an horror story and I love it..Yesterday night I read all the first volume and it was not bad..The story is not original maybe (classic story of a dead girl and about the boy who is the only one can see her in the school) but I like it because it was “fluid” (I don’t know if I can say fluid for a plot but I don’t know the right word also in italian 😀 ).

Of course, it’s the first volume and I know that the story has to start yet. It’s a classic 4 volume story so, I hope that from the next volume, it’ll be really nice because it has a big potential. I’ll tell you something more when I’ll read next volumes!

Waiting for the next new comicbook…what will be the next one!? Yeah!!

Comics: Angeloid – Sora no otoshimono

Yesterday I went to the comicbook store and I found a new Comicbook, a manga as usual.

I want to wait for telling you how it is but the first number was nice. The name in Italian is just Angeloid. It’s a story about a girl, a girl from another world, fall on earth and she have an imprinting to a guy that was casually in that place. She started to follow him and she can fulfil every desire of him. It’s a kind of Genie of the Lamp but really beautiful. It’s easy to think that the story could be funny for the situations that will happen! Waiting, the next month when I’ll buy the second volume.