Busy period

Hi all,

this last period has been super extra busy. As I told you many times in this first part of 2014, every time I’m at home after work, the last time I want to do is to turn on a laptop again (after 10h staying in front of a screen, you can imagine..).

So, the blog it’s quite a desert and these last 2 weeks is a good example..

For Hockey and Canucks games I can’t publish all the result easily in the format I chose and for this reason I’ll change something next season..Maybe adding also NBA results that I love since I was young 🙂

Let see, I’m thinking how to improve the blog..

Keep tuned!

A nice weekend..

Last weekend I decided to go to the park with all the animals, a kind of zoo..It was a long time from the last time there..I love to see animals also if sometimes I would prefer to see all of them free in their natural places.

DSC_3561 DSC_3606 DSC_3628 DSC_3645 DSC_3682 DSC_3693

Long week…

Hi all my readers,

sorry for this last days without posts but it has been a long busy week..A lot of things to do, almost all the night spent with friends, a lot of work and days spent planning my next holiday.

I’ve already seen many places (I’m lucky I know) but now my plan is to visit all the continent.

North America, Europe, Oceania DONE.

I need to go somewhere in Africa, South America and Asia..

What’s the plan? Africa first in fact I’m planning to go there next summer. I’m not sure where..Safari was my first idea but it’s really expensive and I’m not sure it’s the best choice at the moment so, I’m switching to go to Zanzibar!! It should be nice for a summer vacation! In a few weeks I’ll take a decision and let’s see..

After that, for next years, I’ll see if I’ll have the possiility to go to Japan (Asia destination) and in Brasil (South America).

Arctic and Antarctic are difficult, nobody will come with me 😀 Maybe in the future I’ll have the possibility to go there aloooooone! 🙂