Real name: Francesco

  Date of birth: 17/06/1986

  Country: Italy

  Education: Politecnico di Milano 2011 – Computer Engineer

  Occupation: Project Manager for eCircle Italia.

  English level (following EF ranking): Upper Intermediate 3

  Personal Interest: Internet, music, Photoshop, sports, cars&motorcycles, comics(manga)&cartoon(anime).

  Website: http://www.francescobarzano.com

Ok, I’ve a lot of interest and if I try to write all I’ll finish tomorrow. Who wants to know me, just ask me!

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Dear Francesco

    I like your blog, maybe my visitors would like it too! We could give a hand each other and list our blogs on our blogroll list, one of the available widgets in wordpress.

    If you are interested, please add


    to your blog roll with the description “artborghi – home of lorenzo borghi photography” and contact me back.

    If you do not know how to work with the blogroll widget here are many answers to your doubts:


    Have a nice day!

    Lorenzo Borghi

    • Italiano?

      If yes, “Buona Idea! Ho aggiunto il tuo blog nel blogroll sul mio”
      If not, “Good idea! I’ve just added your blog link on my blog, adding the blogroll”

      In both cases, “Have a nice evening!”


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