A picture from New York

As I said before leaving for my vacations, the flight company gave me a good news regarding the last day I had to spend in USA. In fact, not like my friends, I had to fly from Miami Airport to Newark Airport, take my luggages and move to JFK by myself.

I wanted to do it without TAXI or with Airlink Shuttle so, I decided to move by public trasportations. I was not too hard and I had all the time I needed (just I didn’t know)..

So, 4 trains: airport to first station than to Manatthan..From here to Jamaica Station and finally to JFK.

When I arrived to Manatthan, I go outside before starting to wait the next train and I had a look to NY. A lot of people!! Not too strange you say but for me they were too many 🙂 Too many for me that I had a big luggage, a bag and the camera..Too crowd to have a nice walk around, take pictures and be relaxed..So, I tried to ask also to a policeman what was the best way to go to JFK but he didn’t know (a quite disoriented also looking the map but doesn’t matter) so, just 5-10 minutes and I go back to the Station, waiting the train and finally to JFK!

This is a fast preview of NY, or better, what I saw of NY! Next time I’ll have more time, I promise! 😀


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