Hey guys! I’m finally back..I arrived yesterday morning in Italy after almost a day walking around..

Fortunatly I didn’t get lost in NY and I could stay one hour more there if I knew before all the things. The problem was than when I was in NY, I walked a little in the first streets around Penn Station and I found a policeman. I tried to ask him a few questions, just to be sure what I had to do and he made a strange face when I shown him also a little map..I didn’t know what I had to do to go in Jamaica Station and that made me a little worried..I had time but I didn’t want to run in case I found some problems so, I preferred to go directly at the station again and take the first train to Jamaica Station.

Just 4-5 pictures for saying to my friends, YES I WAS IN NY 🙂

Anyway, good vacation! I’ll put some pictures of the vacation as soon as possible and I’ll start again with my daily posts.

Just a few days to charge my internal batteries and start again with normal life! 😀


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