Challange Accepted: 5/6 hours in NYC

– 6 days to my vacation! Miami we’re coming!!

Yesterday we went to define last details and I had “good” surprise.

First of all we tried to rent two cars, we want something special so we tried to find a Mustang Converible and a Charger but they are not sure, we have to wait 48 hours to see if they are available or not.

But the best is not this news..The best thing is about the flight I’ll have to go back in Italy. I bought the flight tickets just a few days later than my friends so, when the airlines company made some changes of the time, flights and so on, they modified all the tickets of my friends but not mine 🙂

So, next August 25, I’ll have the flight from Miami 5 hours before than my friends and, thing more important, I’ll fly to NY Newark airport and I need to move to the JFK airport to take the flight for Italy!! I heard that if I take the AirBus I need 90 minutes and for this reason my idea to go in a really fast walk in Manatthan failed already before the start. I’ll maybe see NYC just from the AirBus. I don’t wanna take a cab because is too expensive and do all by transportation could be difficult with baggages and just 5 hours for moving.

I’m not scared to do that and I see it like an adventure inside anorher adventure. I’m also happy to be alone because it’s a kind of challange (small challange I know) but I like it..Said that, I’ll have to do all the things in the right way 😀 We’ll see!!

If someone knows how to do that or have some suggestions for me, please comment this post! 🙂

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