Recipe: “Ragù alla Bolognese”

I hope that I’ve translated all the recipe and the ingredients well! 😀  I’m not a chef! I just love eat!

RAGU’ alla Bolognese


  • Meat Stock
     250 ml
  • Butter
    50 gr
  • Beef
    minced meat 250 gr
  • Pork
    minced meat (thigh) 250 gr
  • Carrot
  • Onion
    medium 1
  • Milk
    fresh whole milk 1 glass
  • Olive oil
    extravirgin 3 spoon
  • Bacon
    100 gr
  • Pepper
    grounded, how much you like
  • Tomatoes
    tomatoe paste30 gr
  • Salt

  • Celery
    1 stick
  • Wine
    red 1 Glass



Ragu alla bolognese
The first step fot the preparation of this sauce is to peel the onion and the carrot, after this you have to remove clean the celery and chop them finely. (1-2).
In a high pot, put the olive oil and the butter (3),
Ragu alla bolognese
then, when the butter is melted, add the chopped vegetables (4) the you prepared and make them cook a little mixing togheter.
At the same time, grind the baconand add it to the minced beef meat (5); put all of this in the pot (6).
Ragu alla bolognese
Let them fry until the meat has been coocked brown, blending sometimes (7). Add the red wine (8) and let it steam a little, afte which choose the tomatoe paste and  wait the it has melted in a meat stock (9).
Ragu alla bolognese
Add the meat stock with tomatoes paste to the beef (10); mixing, add salt and leave it coocking for one hour and an half (low flame), adding when it need and not too much, the rest of the meat stock (11) and the milk at the end (12).
When RAGU’ will be ready, adding salt and pepper if you think that is good and enjoy it!
The best PASTA for this kind of sauce are noodles and if you like also with parmesan.

e unitelo alla carne (10); mescolate, salate e lasciate cuocere il ragù per circa un’ora e mezza a fuoco lento, aggiungendo, ogni qualvolta serva  e poco alla volta, il brodo residuo (11) e poi, infine, il latte (12). Quando il ragù sarà pronto, aggiustate di sale e pepate a piacere.


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