Movie Review #2: Captain America – The First Avenger

Directed/Story by Joe Johnston

Produce by Kevin Feige

Music by Alan Silvestri

Studio Marvel Studios

Distributed by Paramount Pictures

 Release Date July 22, 2011

 Running time 124 minutes

 Country United States

Budget US$ 140million

Box Office $360,894,211

PLOT from Wikipedia

In the present day, scientists in the Arctic uncover a circular object with a red, white and blue motif. In March 1942, Nazi officer Johann Schmidt (Hugo Weaving) and his men invade Tønsberg, Norway, to steal a mysterious tesseract possessing untold powers. In New York City, Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) is rejected for World War II military duty due to various health and physical issues. While attending an exhibition of future technologies with his friend Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan), Rogers again attempts to enlist. Having overheard Rogers’ conversation with Barnes about wanting to help in the war, Dr. Abraham Erskine (Stanley Tucci) allows Rogers to enlist. He is recruited as part of a “super-soldier” experiment under Erskine, Colonel Chester Phillips (Tommy Lee Jones), and British agent Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell). Phillips is unconvinced of Erskine’s claims that Rogers is the right person for the procedure but relents after seeing Rogers commit an act of self-sacrificing bravery. The night before the treatment, Erskine reveals to Rogers that Schmidt underwent an imperfect version of the treatment, and suffered side-effects.

In Europe, Schmidt and Dr. Arnim Zola (Toby Jones) successfully harness the energies of the tesseract, intending to use the power to fuel Zola’s inventions. Schmidt, having discovered Erskine’s location, dispatches an assassin to kill him. In America, Erskine subjects Rogers to the super-soldier treatment, injecting him with a special serum and dosing him with “vita-rays”. After Rogers emerges from the experiment taller and muscular, one of the attendees kills Erskine, revealing himself as Schmidt’s assassin, Heinz Kruger (Richard Armitage). Rogers pursues and captures Kruger but the assassin commits suicide via cyanide capsule before he can be interrogated.

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One word: disappointment.

Yes, disappointment because everytime that a Superhero movie has released, I expect a big movie, a lot of action and big special effects with a nice plot. In this case probably there is just one element and it’s less than other movies in these last years, special effects. for the other things I can say that there is not too much action or better, the action in this movie is confused and many times you can follow the real story. For this reason I didn’t appreciate too much the general plot.

Anyway, I watched the movie with two friends and all of us had been surpised at the end because we thought that this movie was at the same level of Ironman or close to it: FALSE. I hope that the next movie with all the superheroes (wolverine, Captain America, Ironman) will be really better because there are all the ingredients to make a great movie! But it’s not easy and they have to do a lot of works to do it in the right way.

So, my final vote is:

Rating:   |*||*||*||*||*||.5|| || || || |  5.5/10

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