Tim Hortons

Address: everywhere!


Here we go! It’s its turn now! Everybody knows Starbucks (I’ll make a review in the future about it) but not all the people knows Tim Hortons! In Vancouver there are many places where you can take something for breakfast or just to stay with friends, talk and have fun. Starbucks is probably the most famous but for this reason is also the most expensive!

Onestly I can’t make a review about the differences between coffee because I don’t like it but I can tell you something about HotChocolate and food. For the first one I think that Starbucks is better, especially if you take the cream on the chocolat. Yummy!!

Instead Tim Hortons is the best for Donuts! Oh yes!! Every morning when I walked in front on his windows and I saw all of their donuts, I couldn’t resist..I had to buy a donut! My favourite was Honey Cruller! So sweet I know, especially if you take both, Donut and HotChocolat but …..uuuuuu…..Simply the best!!

Another good point of Tim Hortons is the prices, it is chep! I bought all for almost an half price than Starbucks HotChocolat. Like everything, Brand is all in these kind of places! If you ask to one of my friends what he loves in Vancouver, probably he’ll say Tim Hortons in his personal ranking!


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