Caprice Nightclub + Lounge

Let go to talk about nightclubs. I want to start with the last that I found in Vancouver. Probably “FIND” is not the best verb because this is not a small nightclub or in a strange position but I went there just during the last month and this was a bad choice that I made because it is one of my favourites nightclubs.

It is in the best position, Grandville St. , just close to the EF School and for this reason it was really easy to meet all the people and go there. The place probably is not so big like a clubs in Europe (or better, in Italy the nightclubs are more bigger but many times they are not properly in the middle of Downtown).

If you have an invite the entry is free but if you don’t have it don’t worry! Try to go outside the nightclubs on Grandville St. before 10pm and probably you can find their PR that give you the tickets. Remember to bring with you your ID, sometimes it’s better that you have two piece of ID, it’s ok also a passport and a credit card with your name for example. Anyway, I love this place especially for the music because is similar to the music that you can find here in Italy and there is less latin music than others. For me latin music is not bad but I can’t dance it 😀 .

The only problem, but this is not only a Caprice’s problem, is the price of a drinks inside because I remember that it was not cheap. But like I said, this is a problem that you can find also in other nightclubs.

In every case, if you like a special kind of music, you can find a lot of special events during all the week with different kind of musics. Just check on their website. I can show you one of the videos that you can find on vimeo or youtube for example.

And now some pictures from my last day in Vancouver, I made a party there to say Goodbye to all my friends!

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