Restaurant Guide – Steamworks


Steamworks is located at 375 Water Street accross from Waterfront Station at the foot of historical Gastown.
375 Water Street
Vancouver, BC
Ph : 604.689.2739
Reservations:: 604.689.2739
Fax:: 604.669.2329

It’s a really nice restaurant and pub. It’s strange because it is really close to Waterfront but in the first month I had never been there. One day I followed a friend that asked me to go in this pub before he left Vancouver and big surprise: I love this place! The atmosphere is nice, not too much noise and the food is really good. I’ve never been there just for dinner or lunch but everytime I went at Steamworks with friends to drink a beer and eat their Nachos (I think that the Nachos are for share because they are really big and very good). You can also call to make a reservation but remember, in this place there are many people and for this reason it’s not so easy to find a space for big groups also if Steamworks is big (especially during the Canucks game).

This is the website for more information and to take a look on their menu. The place is not too much expensive but is good so, the prices is a little bit more than the other pubs (for foods). For example for a burger is almost $15.

I want to repeat my idea on this place: I LOVE IT!


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